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Christopher is a London-based, creative professional working in the Film & TV Industry.


He began his career reading Architecture at the University of Bath, a world-renowned design school, graduating with a first class honours degree. Whilst there, he covered a broad range of disciplines, from architectural history to design projects on every scale, from 1:1 detailing to urban planning.

Christopher has taken the discipline and creativity necessary to do well in Architecture to successfully embark on a career in film & television set design.

He now has more than 8 years of experience working in the set design teams of major Hollywood films and TV shows. These have included Star Wars VII, Brad Pitt's War Machine, hit US series 24, and most recently, Disney's Snow White.

Alongside set design, Christopher works as a Producer and loves making his own content. He is enthusiastic about finding and sharing powerful stories, particularly about the environment, endangered species and social change.


Christopher is greatly interested in all aspects of design, from Architecture to movie sets to technology, and believes great design is the key to providing fulfilling and impactful human experiences and improving people's lives.


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